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I don't take myself too seriously.  I like all sorts of things.   I've done quite a bit of painting lately, as you can see.  OK,   so if you'd like to buy one or two of my paintings simply send me an email, OR better still phone me here in Thailand  ++1 44 (0)86 111 91 81 and I will answer you personally. Price are reasonable, so contact me and make me an offer and I'll try to agree 


My mobile's never switched off,   just in case Donald or Vladamir  phones me and it's urgent


I've also written a book entitled "Good & Evil"  It's very funny actually, but it also opens your eyes to how the whole of mankind has been controlled and is still being controlled to this day.  


And how mankind will almost certainly  continue to be controlled into the centuries ahead.    


It covers the time from 20,000 BC through to 500 years into the future.


Good & Evil is for sale here on this website of mine as a PDF file,  and  on as a Kindle or hard copy book and of course many other websites. Just click on the button at the top of this page and it will take you to,  or you can download it right now as a PDF file here on this my own website

I'm also a fully qualified Hypnotherapist (I qualified about a million years ago on a two year pyschology and practical hypnosis course run by an annex of Manchester University in England)


As you can see I've a variety of HypnoFiles for you to download - The Time Travel MP3 HypnoFile is free to everyone at the present time.  My book Good & Evil includes time travel, and so it will be of particular interest to the readers of my book.    


I also have,  Anti-Smoking,  Weight Loss, Sleep, Tension Buster, HypnoGolf and many others will follow in due course.  I specialised in Sports Hypnosis, so if you've a problem with your golf I fully recommend HypnoGolf, and that's on sale exclusively here on this my own website.


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