HabitEater -  MP3 Hypnosis file
Download this MP3 Hypnosis file to take you into a guided trance like dream.  
You already know many of the foods that are making your body store fat
Men need to know that those extra pounds around your waist are a killer and they also need to know that the fat is stored as eostrogen,  which as you know is the female hormone.  
That means your male libido will drop dramatically the more weight you put on around your waist
I recomend men should eat brocolli every day, because it will stop your free testosterone converting to eostrogen
This MP3 simply reprograms your subconsious mind so that you will not want to eat fattening foods and that you'll enjoy eating non fattening foods
When you wake up, you'll feel great, you'll feel completely refreshed ready to face the rest of your day with new found energy and determination
Everyone can benefit from this particular MP3 Hypnosis File,
Those extra pounds soon add up as the years shoot by.
If your waist is bigger than your chest then you know for sure that you must lose that weight and keep it off
Just imagine the marvelouse feeling of looking in the mirror and seeing the smarter, slimmer and healthier YOU
So, now download this MP3 HabitEater HypnoFile and DO something to make that mental image into reality
Put it on your phone or a memory stick and you can use it anywhere, provided you're in a safe and secure area
You can download it and be listening to it in minutes from now
Never use any MP3 Hypnosis Files when driving or operating machinery in case you have a very bad accident

Habit Eater

MP3 HypnoFile

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Please note that all of my 
HypnoFiles are about 25 minutes or longer

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