HypnoSex - Guided Dream MP3
Download this MP3 Hypnosis file to take you into a guided trance like dream.  
Many men and women are brainwashed by their family and friends to think that sex is bad, because it's pandering to your lowest animal instinct
But, that very very powerful animal instinct  has enabled the human race to breed and be very successful over thousands of years
So, now is the time to release your full sexual potential and remove all those restrictions and inhibitions that you now  have stored in your brain
Now you'll follow your true instints without hesitation !
This MP3 HypnoSex file is made for YOU !  
It will remove all your sexual inhibitions
It will enable you to enjoy sex like never before.  You'll act instintively.   You'll be guided by your subconscious mind.  
You won't be shy anymore, not even a little bit
You'll do what you've always wanted to do without any internal mental conflicts holding you back, because they'll have been removed
You know that this is what you've always wanted
Sex will be very very spontaneous 
You'll release all that powerful emotion built up inside you - It will flood out
You'll do whatever you like to do without any of those old inhibitions holding you back.  They'll be gone
Everything will come naturally
Afterwards you'll be laughing and crying and shaking all over at the same time with such a huge sense of relief.
Now you know you really can enjoy sex more than ever before
Now you'll feel completely at peace with yourself
Many of you can benefit from this particular MP3 HypnoSex File.  
So, what are you waiting for ?
Put it on your phone or a memory stick and you can use it anywhere, provided you're in a safe and secure area
Never use any MP3 Hypnosis Files when driving or operating machinery in case you have a very bad accident
You can use PayPal or Credit Cards as you wish
After you have paid,  you will simply click on the download button that will automatically appear on your screen
Please note that all of my 
HypnoFiles are about 25 minutes, or longer

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