HypnoSleep - Guided Dream MP3
Download this MP3 Hypnosis file to take you into a guided trance like dream.  
This is a million times better and cheaper than "sleeping tablets"
Your guided dream starts where you notice yourself walking along in the evening.  The weather is lovely, but it's getting dark now.  You are going to your big beautiful luxury yacht moored alongside the jetty
The crew are waiting to escort you to your magnificent cabin ...
Now you're in your cabin you feel relieved and are so tired you get ready for bed ...
After a short while you notice the gentle rocking of the boat ... and that gentle rocking will take you into the deepest most relaxing sleep you've ever had
When you wake up tomorrow, you'll feel great, you'll feel completely refreshed ready to face the rest of your day with new  energy
Everyone can benefit from this particular MP3 Hypnosis File
Put it on your phone or a memory stick and you can use it anywhere, provided you're in a safe and secure area
Never use any MP3 Hypnosis Files when driving or operating machinery in case you have a very bad accident
You can use PayPal or Credit Cards as you wish
After you have paid,  you will simply click on the download button that will automatically appear on your screen
Please note that all of my 
HypnoFiles are about 25 minutes or longer

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