TensionBuster - Guided Dream MP3
Download this MP3 Hypnosis file to take you into a guided trance like dream.  You will be able to relax and drift off anytime you wish to stop thinking about all your nagging problems and give your tired mind and body the chance to relax totally and completely
You'll feel all that tension  leave your neck and shoulders.   And then you'll notice that wonderful feeling of total relaxation traveling  down your arms to the tips of  your fingers and then down your legs to the very tips of your toes.
When you wake up, you'll feel great, you'll feel completely refreshed ready to face the rest of your day with far more energy
Everyone can benefit from this particular MP3 Hypnosis File
Tension can be a killer.  Too much stress puts a huge strain on you both mentally and physically 
Everyone of us is made of flesh and blood.  Nobody is indestructable.
So, take notice how you're feeling.  Stop and notice if you're worn out, running here there and everywhere.
Worrying about everything
  We can all do that, up to a point.
But there is a limit.  
So use this MP3 to lower all of the tension in your mind and body.  
You'll feel all that tension drain away completley 
Put this MP3 TensionBuster  on your phone or a memory stick and you can use it anywhere, provided you're in a safe and secure area
You can download it and be listening to it in minutes from now
Never use any MP3 Hypnosis Files when driving or operating machinery in case you have a very bad accident
You can use PayPal or Credit Cards as you wish
After you have paid,  you will simply click on the download button that will automatically appear on your screen
Please note that all of my 
HypnoFiles are about 25 minutes or longer

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