Note for the those customers who've purchased my book entitled "Good & Evil"
Just above here you'll see the FREE MP3 Hyposis file that comes with the purchase of my book - Just download it - It's FREE for you
Thank you - Have fun !
Your friend Chris Newton
This Time Machine MP3 file will take you into a guided dream, where you'll return to the happy times in your childhood.  You'll see and hear so many happy memories
Next if you're in the right frame of mind it will take you to a previous existence - Travel through the mists of time to one of many earlier lives
Maybe you were a soldier, or a Lord, or maybe you were the opposite sex in an earlier life.  The possibilities are endless.   And it's FREE to download NOW !  - Just click on the image to download the MP3 file
What have you got to loose ?  So do it now and have a amazing and unique experience.
But please remember to let me know what happened in your guided dream
Thank you - Have fun !
Your friend Chris Newton
Just click the image and the MP3 file will download to your computer 

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