Anti - Smoking Hypnosis File
This MP3 sound file will take you into a hypnotic kind of dream.  It will enable you to do just the very thing you want NOW.  You want to stop smoking NOW.   You'll listen to this guided hypnotic trance like dream and NOW you'll be strong enough to stop smoking cigarettes for good.
If you look at WTF - 07 and WTF - 08 you'll see there are large sexy nipples and also a cigarette in each of these paintings.   
I'll explain the conection - A baby sucks on it's mother's nipples, then a bottle of milk with a plastic nipple, then a dummy, - which is a plastic nipple with no milk, but every baby, will relax sucking the nipple, even if it's plastic or a real nipple.
At pubity, a teen is offered a cigarette, that he sucks on and finds that he likes sucking it.  The action of sucking is something that we are all pre-programed to enjoy.
Sucking relaxes everyone
So, that's why many of us in the past have enjoyed smoking so much.
These days we all know smoking cigarettes will give you cancer and other health problems, so now when you give up sucking on cigarettes you'll need to find something else to suck, that's more healthy and much more fun ... Know what I mean ... nudge nudge, wink wink !
You may find my MP3 HypnoSex can help you in that department
But first download this Anti-Smoking Hypnosis File 
You can download it and be listening to it in minutes from now
Put it on your phone or a memory stick and you can use it anywhere, provided you're in a safe and secure area
Never use any MP3 Hypnosis Files when driving or operating machinery in case you have a very bad accident
Thank you, and enjoy !
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After you have paid,  you will simply click on the download button that will automatically appear on your screen
Please note that all of my 
HypnoFiles are at least 25 minutes long.  Some are longer
Thank you

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