Pointe du Hoc - Normandy 

D Day 6th June 1944

Size  400 mm x 300 mm = 15.75 ins x 11.75 ins

US Rangers scaling the sheer cliff of Pointe du Hoc on D Day. They climbed the cliff in less than ten minutes.


Half of the 250 men never made it.  This is considered to be one of the most dareing and heroic actions on D Day. 


They fired ropes attached to grappling hooks that they then used to quickly climb up the cliff.  The germans killed many of them as they climbed.  But there was so many Rangers that eventually the germans were beaten back


However when they reached the gun emplacement, they discovered that the huge guns had been removed already and replaced by

telegraph poles

They looked at the surrounding terrain and realised that the  guns could only have been removed down the single narrow lane.  They carried on down the lane, and eventually discovered the artillery hidden in a field.  But germans were very near.  


So very quietly they sneaked upto the guns and placed thermite explosive in the mechanism of the guns and put them beyond use without making a loud bang and alerting the germans

Thermite fizzles.  There is no loud bang. It simply melts the steel and welds it together into a molten mass of steel

And so you see these men really are true heroes. They were very tough men, but they had brains as well.   Bravo !  Well done !

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