Recent Works

done in 2015

This is just one of the works that I've completed in 2015.   As you can see I've a bright and easily identifyable style.   Where else have you ever seen anything quite like this ?  


My pictures are intended to brighten up any room or gallery.   Recently I went to Bangkok and toured a few commercial galleries, and I was very disapointed in the art on show.  


One gallery had about four huge  two metre square paintings of giant grey spiders side by side along the whole length of one wall.  


Who in their right mind would buy something like that ?    


Another gallery had a huge stone snake about four metres long on their floor. Half way along the snake I could see a big lump, as if the snake had eaten something like the size of a rabbit a few days earlier.    


Did any of them want to sell my work ?


No, I was rudely turned away.


I couldn't help thinking that if they could sell that rubbish, they could easily sell my work.   Am I wrong  ?

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